Consulting Services

An Overview

Technology is inherently difficult to manage because it is constantly changing, often in ways that cannot be predicted. Business and IT leaders know that they need to address the particular ways in which their companies should approach the use of technology in business strategies and operations.

Galeas Consulting works directly with business owners, executives and advisors. We assist our clients in the strategic management of technology to create competitive advantage by incorporating technological opportunities into the corporate strategy.

Our work is collaborative, involving client personnel and resources and the transfer of skills to the client. Our engagements are usually completed within one to six months. We work against specific objectives with clearly-established timing and trajectory, contributing to client business goals.

Our Philosophy

Our approaches revolve around a simple idea: Improving the client's condition.

One of the cornerstones of our success is to dramatically improve the relationship between business and IT leadership by navigating its progression into a collaborative and productive relationship.

Results you can expect:

What we do

Galeas Consulting works directly with business owners, executives and advisors. We assist our clients in using IT effectively to achieve strategic business objectives such as improved financial performance and marketplace competitiveness.

IT Strategy Services that will increase your organization's business value from IT investments by:

Project Improvement Services that will enable your business to achieve its objectives by:
Vendor Selection Services that will ensure that your organization moves the business forward by:
Technology Advisory Services that will boost your organization's business profits and growth by:

"Your ability to envision a larger perspective above and beyond the strictly technical one has been extremely valuable to our organization, and has raised the visibility of our department by helping our internal business colleagues and clients gain a better understanding of the larger objective and increasing significance of IT."

  Lubo Vitkov, UN [more]

"You have shown to be a visionary, demonstrating that there is always yet another technology angle that we were not familiar with which can provide a better solution to the issue we are facing."

  Amir Karmazin, UN [more]