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Tech Sensibility: The Newsletter (Oct 2014)

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  • The next time your cable bill arrives, take a closer look at the Internet portion of your charges. Most cable providers offer a basic Internet package, which is more than enough for all your Internet activities, including watching movies and videos. You most likely do not need a 50 or 100 Mb Internet access offered by your provider.

  • When you travel abroad and check your email from Internet cafes, keep in mind that other countries may have different keyboards with different characters. If your passwords contain special characters - and they should - like a dollar sign ($), you may want to change them temporarily to include other, more common special characters, like brackets. Of course, always ensure that sure your passwords remain strong.

  • Organize your computer files. Constantly searching for documents is not productive, and you may never know if your search found all the files you were looking for. As time goes on, you will only create and collect more documents (a majority most probably no longer of use to you), and always searching for what you need is not a sustainable solution.

  • If you are in the market for a tablet, consider getting one produced by the same vendor as your phone. If you carry an iPhone, buy an iPad. For Android phone users, purchase an Android tablet. It will make your computing experience more satisfying and you will be able to share configuration settings, contacts and files across your devices.

  • If you do not want to be tracked via emails you receive, rather than clicking on a website link located within your email, copy the link itself and then paste it in a web browser. Of course, if you receive a suspicious email, do not click or paste the link in the browser; simply delete the email.


CIO take-away: Changing Roles for IT leaders

How is the role of IT leaders changing in order to keep up with technology innovation? Technology is key to business growth. The cloud has changed the IT landscape in the enterprise. An IT leaders must recognize the business opportunities that cloud computing creates for his or her organization.

Lessons for CIOs:

The business demand for IT services is continuously on the rise, and by leveraging the benefits of the cloud you can improve your organization's core business performance by focusing your IT on higher value activities like big data, predictive analytics, and enterprise architecture.

In order to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud, you should recalibrate your leadership role as well. Because you will no longer have to worry about operational details of your IT infrastructure, you should increase your focus on managing integration between internal and external IT services, vendor management, and more effective communication with your business partners, internal and external customers, and industry experts.

As a CIO, it is important that you manage your organization's expectations regarding moving your IT services to the cloud. You must articulate a clear cloud vision in a transparent and open way, and explain how the move to a cloud will increase the operational IT efficiencies and thus improve business results.

As more and more applications move to the cloud, your IT staff's job responsibilities will shift as well. Rather than focusing on operations and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and application support, your staff will have the opportunity to develop new skills by moving into business analyst, architect, and application developer roles.


  • The United States, regrettably, has become a global leader for the booming business of credit card fraud. The biggest reason for that distinction is the country's late adaptation to the credit card technology known as EMV (named after its innovators- Europay, MasterCard and Visa). Most of Europe has already converted to the use of the tiny embedded chips for nearly two decades. However, EMV is finally making its arrival to the U.S. Here are a few things you need to know: If a business fails to adopt the new technology by October 15, that business will be liable for the cost of fraud-related charges from a lost or stolen card; although the chip in an EMV card has the capability to store more information, unlike with traditional magnetic swipe-only cards, unauthorized parties cannot access that information, thus making card skimming or cloning almost impossible. While for some the thought of their credit cards containing microchips may seem odd, even dubious, statistics have shown that in the last ten years alone, credit card fraud in the United Kingdom, for example, has fallen by nearly 70%.

  • Some recent studies have shown that the power of positive thinking may not always reap the results we strive to achieve. While thoughts of a bright and happy future may calm your nerves, some say they can also decrease your incentive to take actual action in pursuit of your goals. Critics of positive thinking have suggested that we ditch the happy talk and "get real" by tackling the challenges in front of us. But dwelling solely on the obstacles may leave you down and zapped of much motivation. It seems that striking a moderate balance between the two may be the best solution for attaining your goals. An approach that combines positive thinking with a healthy dose of reality includes thinking for a few minutes of something reasonable you would like to accomplish, then spending the same amount of time thinking of the obstacles that stand in your way of attaining that particular goal. This compound approach allows you to pursue attainable goals with the inspiration and energy to succeed.

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