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Tech Sensibility: The Newsletter (Jan 2016)

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  • When moving your services to the cloud, you do not have to transfer everything at once. It is best to first start with a service that is not your core business driver, like a business continuity capability or a new technology development platform. You should become familiar with the cloud vendor, document the procedure, and then migrate another technology that you decide is a good fit for the cloud.

  • If you have not ordered a new laptop then you should not be receiving an update on its shipping status. Delete these emails immediately without opening them.

  • Even with all the protection software you may have installed, websites can still identify you by tracking the way your web browser and computer are uniquely configured. To test how safe your web browser is against tracking and learn how to protect yourself, visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Panopticlick website at

  • New devices like Wi-Fi routers and Internet modems arrive pre-configured with manufacturer passwords that are not secure. Make sure you change them right away.

  • To avoid email tags when scheduling a meeting or a phone call with your colleagues and friends, use a simple scheduling tool like Calendly, which schedules meetings with others based on your availability.


Take advantage of telecommuting

Flexible work arrangement programs provide you with an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by increasing your employees' productivity, lowering operational costs and gaining access to a broader market for experienced talent. Technology that enables employees to work from anywhere has been available for a while and is growing increasingly better. Embracing a more independent work style enabled by flexible work arrangements will increase your company's ability to attract the best talent. Here is why you should incorporate telecommuting into your business strategy:

Increased employee productivity
By working from the comfort of their homes, telecommuters get the work done in less time. Additionally, because they generally do not need to get ready for the office and spend time in long commutes, they are more inclined to spend that time working. They see telecommuting as a sign of trust from the employer, which improves their morale.

Lower operational costs
Telecommuting can help you lower your office overhead costs. In addition to reducing the costs of heating, air-conditioning, parking and labor, you can take advantage of a smaller office, as a number of your employees will telecommute.

Access to more talent
Flexible work programs enable your company to draw upon individuals with necessary skills that may not be available in the local marketplace, or are more cost-effective in another part of the country or world. If the nature of your business generates workload peaks, telecommuting can enable employees to shift their hours to match peak workload, as well as be available on-call through retainers.

Business continuity
By having an effective telecommuting capability, your company will be more resilient to natural and severe weather disasters. A telecommuter's day is the same whether your office is open or closed. Every employee should know how to work from outside the office, even those who always work from the office. Requiring all employees to telecommute from time to time will help them stay productive in the event they are unable to make it to the office.

How to get started
Start by drafting a few general guidelines about flexible work arrangements. Give employees a choice to telecommute from time to time, even if it is a couple of days per month. Gather their feedback to create a program that works for everyone. Improve your IT infrastructure over time to ensure ease of use and access to all services and data employees require to stay productive.

Find the right balance
Some projects cannot take the full advantage of remote collaboration, at least not yet. Industries like creative ones benefit from employees feeding off of each other's energy. Carefully consider the type of work projects when deciding how and when to implement a flexible work program. Striking the right balance for your organization is key to taking advantage of opportunities that telecommuting technology offers.


We all know by now that having good posture is beneficial to our physical health. However, recent studies have shown that it is also valuable to our well-being and social standing. While slouching can attribute to back, neck and muscle pain, it is also being linked to having an effect on first impressions when applying for a job or meeting a romantic partner. While our earlier human predecessors spent most of their waking hours standing and walking, 75% of the world's current productivity is done while sitting. The longer people sit without a positional change, the longer and likelier it is that they are training their body's muscles to place undue stress on bones and joints, ultimately transforming them into a perpetual slouch. In one study, those who walked around wearily with their eyes averted to the ground, most likely due to bad postures, were more likely to be victims of crimes like muggings and theft. Improving our posture requires a conscious and cognizant effort, some of which include performing daily exercises to strengthen the core and back and buttock muscles. Of course, there also exists invaluable wisdom to the old adage, "Sit up straight."

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